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Archived teaching schedules 2015–2016
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JKKYOA12 Fighting against Social Injustices and Human Rights Violations 5 ECTS
Implementation is also a part of open university teaching
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Type or level of studies
Intermediate studies
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Degree Programme in Administrative Studies
School of Management

Learning outcomes

Students are able to
• understand the nexus between law, politics and development
• identify connections between legal obligations, international relations and global social development
• discuss issues relating law, international relations and global social development

General description

Course contents:

  • The course consists of introductory lectures   and four thematic parts: 1) War and conflict - preventing violence; 2 Abolishing  modern slavery; 3) Environment – harm prevention; 4) Development – ending suffering

Enrolment for University Studies

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Enrolment for Open University Studies

Suoritusvaihto 1: osallistuminen opetukseen
Haku 13.8.2015 alkaen

Pakolliset edeltävät opinnot: POLPOP01 Kansainvälisen politiikan johdantokurssi


Tarja Seppä, Teacher responsible
Jukka Viljanen, Teacher responsible


14-Sep-2015 – 31-Dec-2015
Lectures 12 hours
Mon 14-Sep-2015 at 15-18, Linna building, Väinö Linna auditorium, Introductory session
Mon 12-Oct-2015 at 15-17, Linna Building Väinö Linna auditorium
Thu 22-Oct-2015 at 14-17, Pinni B 1100
Fri 6-Nov-2015 at 15-17, Linna Building Väinö Linna auditorium
Fri 20-Nov-2015 at 15-18, Main building A1, Final session
Independent work 120 hours Web-based
Mon 14-Sep-2015, Weeks 39-47


Numeric 1-5.

Evaluation criteria

Course learning methods:  

  • Course is a blended course consisting of lectures, e-learning/web-based, online group work/discussion, essay and blog  writing

Further information

Global Health and Development (GHD)-ohjelman järjestämä kurssi, jonka toteuttavat julkisoikeus ja politiikan tutkimus.