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Archived teaching schedules 2015–2016
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KATVRS42 Investment Management in Insurance Institutions 5 ECTS
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Degree Programme in Business Studies
School of Management

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course student is able to 1) utilize the principles of the portfolio theory and its implications for the investment decisions and 2) understands international financial markets and their main institutions with the focus on their roles in risk management.

Enrolment for University Studies

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Lasse Koskinen, Teacher responsible


12-Jan-2016 – 23-Feb-2016
Lectures 21 hours
KATVRS42 Investment Management in Insurance Institutions
Tue 12-Jan-2016 - 23-Feb-2016 weekly at 14-17, Linna K108
19-Jan-2016 at 14 –17 , TietoPinni ML9
21-Jan-2016 at 9 –12 , Pinni ML40
9-Feb-2016 at 14 –17 , TietoPinni ML9
11-Feb-2016 at 9 –12 , Pinni ML40
Tue 1-Mar-2016 at 14-18, Linna K113
Supervision of exercises and team works
Wed 3-Feb-2016 at 10-12, Pinni A2020
Wed 10-Feb-2016 at 10-12, Pinni A2020
Wed 17-Feb-2016 at 10-12, Pinni A2020