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KATVAA13 Sustainable business practices 5 ECTS
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The student is aware of how economic, social and environmental responsibility are linked to and contextualised in different business models. The student understands the diversity of business operations and key features of different business models. The student is aware of the opportunities and challenges provided by different business models in creating societal welfare and stakeholder value.

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26.11.2015 alkaen
Huom. pakollinen edeltävä opintojakso: KATVAA11 Business Ethics


Johanna Heiskanen, Teacher responsible


22-Mar-2016 – 27-Apr-2016
Lectures 24 hours
Please notice, that attending to first and last lectures is obligatory without exceptions! The lecture schedule is now final (March 1.).
Tue 22-Mar-2016 at 13-16, Linna K113
Wed 30-Mar-2016 at 13-16, Linna K113
Wed 6-Apr-2016 at 13-16, Linna K113
Tue 12-Apr-2016 at 13-16, Linna K113
Wed 20-Apr-2016 at 13-16, Linna K113
Tue 26-Apr-2016 at 13-16, Linna K113
Wed 27-Apr-2016 at 13-16, Linna K113


Numeric 1-5.

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Further information

Please note: Preceding studies

  • KATVAA11 Business Ethics (5 ECTS) course (or corresponding studies) is a compulsory preceding course. You can complete Business Ethics course as independent study before or during KATVAA13 course. You will receive a grade for KATVAA13 course only after completing Business Ethics course or showing proof of corresponding studies.