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Archived teaching schedules 2015–2016
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KKENKTK Foundations of English Business Communication 4 ECTS
Period I Period II Period III Period IV
Language of instruction
Type or level of studies
Language and communication studies
Course unit descriptions in the curriculum
Language Centre
Level B2

Learning outcomes

On completion of the module, students are expected to be able to
• understand the foundations of professional communication and apply them
• understand the differences between different styles of spoken and written English and their use
• understand the importance of critical reading with regard to written sources and practise it
• have the necessary skills to evaluate and continue developing their English language and communication skills independently
• understand and analyze the terminology and structure of a text in their own field e.g. news reports and academic articles
• summarize a text related to their field
• write a business letter
• participate efficiently in the different stages of the meeting process
• produce the written documents associated with meetings
• produce and present a project proposal
• communicate using different channels of communication (e.g. email, business letters)
• present data in various forms, including in visual form

Enrolment for University Studies

Enrolment time has expired


Robert Hollingsworth, Teacher responsible
Michael Horwood, Teacher responsible
Julie Rajala, Teacher responsible


31-Aug-2015 – 17-Dec-2015
Tutorials 52 hours
Group 1/Hollingsworth
Mon 7-Sep-2015 - 26-Oct-2015 weekly at 9-9.45, Mikroluokka 51/Linna
19-Oct-2015 , no class
Thu 10-Sep-2015 - 29-Oct-2015 weekly at 14.15-15.45, PinniB ML40
22-Oct-2015 , no class
Mon 2-Nov-2015 - 14-Dec-2015 weekly at 9-9.45, PinniB3117
Thu 5-Nov-2015 - 17-Dec-2015 weekly at 14.15-15.45, PinniB0039
Group 2/Horwood
Mon 7-Sep-2015 - 14-Dec-2015 weekly at 10-11, Linna ML 51
19-Oct-2015 , no class
Thu 10-Sep-2015 - 29-Oct-2015 weekly at 12-14, PinniB Ml40
22-Oct-2015 , no class
Thu 5-Nov-2015 - 17-Dec-2015 weekly at 12-14, PinniB 3117
10-Dec-2015 , no class
Group 3 / Rajala
Mon 31-Aug-2015, ONLINE until 16.10.2015
Wed 28-Oct-2015 - 9-Dec-2015 weekly at 9.15-10.00, Päätalo A08
Fri 30-Oct-2015 - 11-Dec-2015 weekly at 13.30-15.00, Päätalo E301
6-Nov-2015 , Päätalo A05
Independent work 56 hours