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Archived teaching schedules 2014–2015
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JKKYSTA14 Readings in Strategy and Business Development 5 ECTS
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Intermediate studies
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Common Core Studies / JKK
School of Management

Learning outcomes

With this course, students are able to expand their understanding and knowledge related to contemporary Corporate and Business Strategy issues. The objective of the course is to increase the students’ strategic thinking abilities by exposing them to a wide range of theories and perspectives related to Strategy and Business development.


University Lecturer Kari Lohivesi, Teacher responsible



Study materials

The structure of the course is based on students’ individual reading of a pre-issued Strategy related textbook and then taking an exam. Being a book-exam, the course functions as an expansive course to the Introductory course in Strategy (Strategian perusteet-JKKYSTP11). The students are recommended to take this course after passing the introductory course, side by side with one of the following courses: “Strategic Analysis JKKYSTA15, “Liiketoimintamallit-JKKYSTA12”, and/or “Liiketoiminnan analysoinnin ja kehittämisen case-kurssi-JKKYSTA13”.

Exchange students who already have previous business studying background from their own University may take this course alongside with the “Strategic Analysis JKKYSTA15” –course.

Course content:

Strategy dimensions: Process, content and context.

Course type:

Book Exam. Questions are in English. You may answer in English or Finnish. The exam is available electronically until May 31.2015.

Read one of the following books, except the cases included at the end of the books.

1)    Bob de Wit & Ron Mayer: Strategy: Process, Content, Context. Thomson 2004 or newer edition.
2)    Gerry Johnson & Kevis Scholes & Richard Wittington: Exploring Corporate Strategy. 8th edition, Pearson 2008 or newer edition.

Further information

The electronic exam is open: 1.10.2014-31.5.2015.

Please register for the electronic exam: https://tenttis.uta.fi