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Archived teaching schedules 2014–2015
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KKKI2 Chinese II 3 ECTS
Period I Period II Period II Period IV
Language of instruction
Type or level of studies
Language and communication studies
Course unit descriptions in the curriculum
Language Centre
Level A1

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of the course, students will

- have a larger vocabulary and understand more by reading and listening
- be able to talk about studies, work, time, week, date, year and the weather with other students
- be able to express their opinions in simple situations
- understand sentences with pinyin and recognise some independent characters
- be able to write simple characters and simple sentences
- master frequently used sentence patterns and basic expressions about persons and things

Enrolment for University Studies

Selection criteria: Priority is given to degree students.

Enrolment time has expired


Chen Muzi, Teacher responsible
vieraileva opettaja, Teacher responsible


9-Jan-2015 – 24-Mar-2015
Tutorials 39 hours
Group 1
Fri 9-Jan-2015 - 20-Mar-2015 weekly at 12-14, Pinni B4115
Tue 13-Jan-2015 - 24-Mar-2015 weekly at 12-14, Pinni B4115
Independent work 41 hours