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Archived teaching schedules 2014–2015
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KKSU1 Elementary Course 1 / Suomen kielen alkeiskurssi 1 (Open University Studies) Tampere, Spring 2015 3 ECTS
Implementation is also a part of open university teaching
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Language of instruction
Type or level of studies
Language and communication studies
Language Centre

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes:
After successful completion of the course students know the basics of Finnish pronunciation as well as the most essential vocabulary and can use and understand short and simply-structured Finnish expressions that concern some of the most common matters and situations related to everyday life (introducing themselves, buying and paying, telling the time, food, asking and answering, location and moving, possessing).

–Studying the basics of the Finnish language
–Structural exercises
–Pronunciation exercises
–Conversational exercises
–Listening comprehension exercises
–Reading comprehension exercises
–Written exercises

General description

Level: A1

Teaching methods: Group instruction 39 hours and independent work about 40 hours.

Active participation in the group and a written examination.

Preceding studies: Previous studies in Finnish are not expected.

Teaching in english.


30 euros
Cancellation of enrollment: Enrollment for the course is binding. After the enrollment, in case you can´t start the course, the day when the cancellation must be done is 9. Jan 2015 at the latest. If you will cancel the enrollment later, the total course fee will be charged. (The bill will be sent home by post after the course has started.)

Enrolment for University Studies

Enrolment time has expired


Taru Kokkonen, Teacher responsible


26-Jan-2015 – 25-Mar-2015
Tutorials 39 hours
Mon 26-Jan-2015 - 16-Mar-2015 weekly at 16.15-17.45, Main Building, lecture room E222. Address: Kalevantie 4
Wed 28-Jan-2015 - 11-Mar-2015 weekly at 16.15-18.45, Main Building, lecture room E222. Address: Kalevantie 4
Wed 18-Mar-2015 at 16.15-17.45, Main Building, lecture room E222. Address: Kalevantie 4
Thu 19-Mar-2015 at 16.15-17.45, Main Building, lecture room E222. Address: Kalevantie 4, You don´t have to sign up for the first exam beforehand
Wed 25-Mar-2015 at 16.15-17.45, Main Building, lecture room E222. Address: Kalevantie 4, The second exam. You don´t have to sign up for the exam beforehand
Independent work 41 hours


Numeric 1-5.

Evaluation criteria

Evaluation: numeric 1-5
Evaluation criteria: Assessment is based on participation in the course and the final examination.

Study materials

Study materials: Materials designed by the teacher.

Please Notice! In additional the course material costs 8 euros. The fee will be charged at the beginning of the first lesson.

Further information

Enrollment for Studies
Open Universitys Students:
enrollment starts on 20. Nov 2014 at 10 (am.). Application form
The name of the course ("Elementary Course 1/Suomen kielen alkeiskurssi 1") will not be seen on the application form until the enrollment starts (20. Nov at 10 am.).

Selection criteria of Open University students: enrollments are accepted on a first come first served -basis (up to 10 students).
When your enrollment is received by Open University, you will receive confirmation by letter.

Enrollment of UTA-students: by NettiOpsu.
Selection criteria: selection will be made according to the amount of the study credits (up to 20 students). The course fee will not be charged from UTA-students.

Study Secretary Seija Söderkultalahti, seija.soderkultalahti(at)uta.fi

Coordinator of Study Affairs Kirsi Hasanen, kirsi.hasanen(at)uta.fi