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Archived teaching schedules 2014–2015
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ENGS6-13 Option: Towards Modern English 5 ECTS
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  • ENGS6 Option I
    Participation in course work
DP in English Language, Literature and Translation
School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies

General description

The course looks into the major socio-historical developments in the English-speaking world between the Restoration and mid-19th century, and the ways in which the English language and the attitudes towards it changed. Through introductory mini-lectures and homework reading assignments to be discussed in groups in class, we will examine the major historical events which shaped the British Empire, the rising trends in the writing of English grammars and dictionaries, and the ultimate spread of English around the world.

The course work will include weekly assignments including background reading and practical exercises examining the changes in English grammar and vocabulary through a number of electronic databases (e.g. The Oxford English Dictionary and different corpora of British and American English). The assessment will be based on an end-of-term exam and a final written course report.

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Mark Kaunisto, Teacher responsible


1-Sep-2014 – 16-Oct-2014
Mon 1-Sep-2014 - 13-Oct-2014 weekly at 10-12, Pinni B 3112
Thu 4-Sep-2014 - 16-Oct-2014 weekly at 12-14, Pinni B 3108