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ENGS6-13 Option: Scottish Literature 5 ECTS
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  • ENGS6 Option I
    Participation in course work
DP in English Language, Literature and Translation
School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies

General description

This course will address the question “What is Scottish Literature?” by examining the works of key authors from the Middle Ages to the present day to identify the social, historical, and cultural contexts and significant themes that have defined the Scottish literary canon. We will explore themes such as religion, duality, fantasy and the supernatural, language, and gender, and investigate the contributions of Scots, Gaelic, and Nordic cultures to identify the diverse influences that have shaped Scottish culture through the centuries. We will also discuss the theoretical controversies and social conflicts that have informed debate over the construction of the Scottish literary canon.

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Kevin McGinley, Teacher responsible


1-Sep-2014 – 15-Dec-2014
Mon 1-Sep-2014 - 15-Dec-2014 weekly at 14-16, Päätalo C1