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KATTAS33 Cost-Benefit Analysis in Health Care 5 ECTS
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Learning outcomes

This course is most suitable for master level students in economics and for continuing or post-graduate studies in health economics or other related subjects. By the end of the course, participants should:

• have some insight into the analytical perspective and principles underlying the application of economic evaluation to health care, such as utility, equity, efficiency and decision analytic modelling
• be familiar with many of the methods used in different types of economic appraisal
• be better able to assess research which includes estimates of cost, health status measures, Markov modelling, etc. and which can be used to inform macro-medical decision making

General description

The course will cover a range of approaches which can be described as ’cost-benefit analysis’ and which can be used to help set out advantages and disadvantages of health care interventions.

It will provide examples of methods which can be used to measure many of the various outcomes which result from the use of health-care technologies. It will then show how such building blocks can be combined to form health-economic evaluations in accordance with cost-benefit thinking.

Starting with an overview of some of the theory underlying economic evaluation as well as some of the ways in which it is practiced (Rissanen), the course will continue with largely non-welfarist approaches to the practical application of economic evaluation to health care (Booth). The latter part of the course will deal, amongst other things, with assessing the value of medical tests, estimating transition probabilities and Markov modelling (Josselin).

Enrolment for University Studies

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Laurila Hannu, Teacher responsible
Rissanen Pekka, Teacher
Josselin Jean-Michel, Teacher
Booth Neill, Teacher

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8-Dec-2014 – 12-Dec-2014
Lectures 25 hours
Mon 8-Dec-2014 at 9.15-15, Linna computer lab 50, Booth
Tue 9-Dec-2014 at 9.15-15, Linna computer lab 50, Booth
Wed 10-Dec-2014 at 9.15-15, Linna K113, Rissanen
Thu 11-Dec-2014 at 9.15-15, Linna K113, Josselin
Fri 12-Dec-2014 at 9.15-15, Linna K113, Josselin

Study materials

Enrolment key to course Moodle page: CBA14

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