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Archived teaching schedules 2013–2014
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MEKAS2 Multicultural Relationships with Media and Citizenship (AYO, lähiopetus, klk2014) Tampere 5 ECTS
Implementation is also a part of open university teaching
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Media Education
School of Communication, Media and Theatre

Learning outcomes

The student understands the significans of media and information literacies in multicultural learning environments. The student can analyze comparative research on the uses of media and global aspects of media literacy education.


50 euros
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14-Jan-2014 – 25-Feb-2014
Lectures 16 hours
Independent work 20 hours


Numeric 1-5.

Study materials

The uses of the literature will be agreed in the beginning of lectures: two publications of the list:

Ingegerd Rydin & Ulrica Sjöberg (toim.) Mediated Crossroads: Identity, Youth Culture and Ethnicity. Göteborg: Nordicom. 2008.

Bailey O, Georgiou M and Harindranath R (eds) Transnational Lives and the Media: Re-Imagining Diaspora. Basingstoke: Palgrave.

Kangas, Sonja (ed.)(2011) Digital Pioneers Cultural drivers of Future Media Culture. Helsinki: Finnish Youth Research Network, Online Publications:


Carlsson, Tayie, Jacquinot-Delaunay, Perez (eds.) (2008) Empowerment through Media Education. An Intercultural Dialogue. NORDICOM.

Frau-Meigs, Divina & Torrent, Jordi (eds.) (2009) Mapping Media Education Policies in the World. United Nations, Alliance for Civilizations, Unesco, European Comission, Gurpo Communicar. [http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0018/001819/181917e.pdf]

Perez-Tornero, Varis (2010) Media Literacy and New Humanism. United Nations & Unesco Institue for Information Technologies in Education. [http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0019/001921/192134e.pdf]