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Archived teaching schedules 2012–2013
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JKKYETA14 International business communication in English 2 ECTS
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Language of instruction
Type or level of studies
Intermediate studies
Course unit descriptions in the curriculum
Common Core Studies / JKK
School of Management

Learning outcomes

• Students will improve communicative skills and extend their understanding of mechanisms that simplify cross-boarder cooperation.
• Factors facilitating and limiting cross-boarder cooperation will be examined and discussed in different business activity areas.

General description

•    International business communication in English – universal schemes of business language will be presented.
•    Interpersonal skills in communicating and socializing will be practiced.
•    Cultural aspects will be discussed and attitudes to international business.


Anna Hlebowicz-Koziol, Teacher responsible
Beata Falkowska, Teacher responsible


18-Sep-2012 – 20-Sep-2012
Lectures 10 hours
Independent work

Further information

The course consists of:

Lectures (10 hours, attendance in every lecture is required!)
Home assignment/essay given by the teacher


First 30 students will be taken to the course. First priority will be given to the exchange/degree students of the School of Management. Compulsory and binding enrolment by email to business.school@uta.fi during 03.09.-11.09.2012
Inform your name, home university and student number of UTA (if you already have it).


18-Sep-2012 – 20-Sep-2012

    Tue 18-Sep-2012 at 13-16, main building, LS A2A
    Wed 19-Sep-2012 at 9-12, main building, LS A2A
    Thu 20-Sep-2012 at 12-14, main building, LS A2B
    Thu 20 Sep-2012 at 14-16, main building, LS A2B