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Archived teaching schedules 2012–2013
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TIEVA36 Principles of Usability, User Experience and User Interfaces (period III) 5 ECTS
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Type or level of studies
Intermediate studies
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Degree Programme in Computer Sciences
School of Information Sciences

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the course the student
- knows about important paradigms and milestones in the history of human-computer interaction
- understands the importance of user-centered design for the success of products
- understands basics of human perceptual, cognitive and motor functions, and their importance to interaction design
- recognizes basic controls and interaction styles in graphical user interfaces and is able to describe how they should be applied
- knows where to look for information about platform specific user experience design guidelines for graphical user interfaces
- can apply principles of good design in expert evaluation and find design errors in user interfaces.

General description

The course gives an overview of the fields of human-technology interaction and interaction design. It cannot be taken by students who have done the courses VTEKP2 Introduction to Interactive Technology (Johdatus vuorovaikutteiseen teknologiaan) and VTEKA15 Introduction to User Interfaces (Käyttöliittymien perusteet). 

This course will be in Moodle. The recommended time for taking this course is in Period I at the beginning of studies. Also available on period III.


Saila Ovaska, Teacher responsible

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