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Archived teaching schedules 2012–2013
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SOS10.2.1 Youth Transition to Adulthood 5 ECTS
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Degree Programme in Social Sciences
School of Social Sciences and Humanities

General description


Teacher: Aurélie MARY e-mail: aurelie.mary@uta.fi

(Kurssi kuuluu Perhe ja elämänkulku teemaan.

Kurssi voi korvata seuraavat kohdat:

SOS 10.2.2 Lapsuus, nuoruus ja perheen vuorovaikutus

Tai/ja SOS 10.2.1 Perhe, muutos ja yhteiskunnan rakenteet)

24h course including 12h lectures, 12h seminars (6-weeks course)

Course intended for 18-20 students (20 maximum)

Lectures on Mondays 14-16, beginning on 8.10.2012 until 12.11.2012

Seminars on Wednesdays 12-14, beginning on 10.10.2012 until 14.11.2012

Room: Linna  5016   

Teaching periods:

-         Periodi I – II: October-November 2012

Starting: week 41 (8th October) – Finishing: week 46 (mid-November)

 Course content:

Lecture 1: course introduction, mention course assessment, introduction to youth studies and youth transition + given material

Seminar 1: discussing existing theories on youth transition, course assessment: presentations & essay writing

Lecture 2: youth extension in figures and re-contextualisation; present socio-economic situation

Seminar 2: presentations + discussing young people’s present social context

Lecture 3: school to work transition; + general info about Finland and France (differences, etc…) + comparative research

Seminar 3: presentations + discussing cross-country research and the cases of Finland and France (differences, similarities…)

Lecture 4: integrating the labour market; + situation in Finland and France + young people’s expectations from working life + dilemmas

Seminar 4: presentations + discussing strategies of integration

Lecture 5: leaving home and plans for family formation, living arrangements + Finnish and French youths’ desires

Seminar 5: presentations + discussing today’s young people’s attitudes towards living arrangements and starting a family

Lecture 6: becoming adult, re-conceptualising concepts, new perspectives on transition, new pathways to adulthood

Seminar 6: presentations + discussing patterns of transition and concept change; course conclusion



Enrolment for University Studies

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Aurélie MARY, Teacher responsible


8-Oct-2012 – 11-Nov-2012
Seminar 12 hours
Lectures 12 hours


Numeric 1-5.

Further information

The course will be also organized in the spring semester.