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HISOKV2 The Crusades - fighting for faith, for glory, and for money 5 ECTS
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School of Social Sciences and Humanities

General description

The Medieval crusades began in 1095 and were the largest military expeditions in Western Europe ever, compared to the number of the population. They lasted for centuries, and they have been decisive in forming European mentality and understanding of religion, of war, and of non-Christians, also today.

The course consists of 4 classes.

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Kurt Villads Jensen, Teacher responsible


11-Jan-2013 – 1-Feb-2013
Lectures 16 hours
Fri 11-Jan-2013 at 10-14, Main building, lecture room C6
Fri 18-Jan-2013 at 12-16, Main building, lecture room C6
Fri 25-Jan-2013 at 10-14, Main building, lecture room A3
Fri 1-Feb-2013 at 10-14, Main building, lecture room A3

Study materials

Literature, Electronic ressouces, Tampere University Library:

Kostick, Conor, Siege of Jerusalem: crusade and conquest in 1099, London 2009.

Maier, Christoph T., Crusade propaganda and ideology : model sermons for the preaching of the cross, Cambridge 2000.

Tyerman, Christopher, Fighting for Christendom : holy war and the crusades, Oxford 2004.

Sources: On the Internet:

Pope Urban II’s Crusade Sermon, Clermont 1095: http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/source/urban2-5vers.html

Ibn Munqid’s description of the crusaders, c. 1175:


Ernoul: The Battle at Hattin, 1187: