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Archived teaching schedules 2012–2013
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KKSU1 Elementary Course 1 3 ECTS
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Language and communication studies
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Language Centre
Level A1

Enrolment for University Studies

Selection criteria: Priority is given to degree students. Otherwise the selection criterion is the date of registration. Selections on view: The final course lists will be posted on the Language Centre's notice board on 31 August.

Enrolment time has expired


Heikki Kangasniemi, Teacher responsible
Tiina Nahkola, Teacher responsible


3-Sep-2012 – 12-Oct-2012
Tutorials 39 hours
Group 1
Mon 3-Sep-2012 - 8-Oct-2012 weekly at 12-14, Päätalo C9
Tue 4-Sep-2012 - 9-Oct-2012 weekly at 12-14, Päätalo A05
Thu 6-Sep-2012 - 4-Oct-2012 weekly at 12-14, Päätalo C9
13-Sep-2012 at 12.00 –14.00 , Atalpa ls 140
Wed 12-Sep-2012 - 10-Oct-2012 weekly at 12-14, Päätalo C9, no teaching on 19.9. and 3.10.
Group 2
Tue 4-Sep-2012 - 9-Oct-2012 weekly at 16-18, Linna K109
Thu 6-Sep-2012 - 11-Oct-2012 weekly at 16-18, Päätalo C9
Fri 7-Sep-2012 - 21-Sep-2012 weekly at 14.00-16.00, Pinni B3109
Fri 28-Sep-2012 - 12-Oct-2012 weekly at 14-16, Päätalo A32
Independent work 41 hours