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Archived teaching schedules 2011–2012
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Major Methodological Orientations in the Social Sciences and Humanities 10 ECTS
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General description

Lecture topics:

12.9. Heino Nyyssönen: Introduction, theory, method
14.9. Heino Nyyssönen: Rhetorics, concepts and history 
19.9. Heino Nyyssönen: Structures and discourses
21.9. Jenni Mäenpää: Photojournalism, and online survey
26.9. Arja Rosenholm: Cultural studies as an option
28.9. Pami Aalto: Interview methods


Literature for the joint lectures and seminar (all disciplines):

Klotz - Prakash, Qualitative Methods in International Relations a Pluralist Guide. Palgrave 2008.

Literature for the discipline specific (International Relations) seminar:

Sprinz - Wollinsky, Models, Numbers, and Cases: Methods for Studying International Relations. University of Michigan Press 2004

Chandler, Semiotics: The Basics. Routledge 2004.

Perelman, The Realm of Rhetoric. University of Notre Dame Press 1982.

Czarniawska, Narratives in Social Science Research. Sage 2004.

Fairclough, Analysing Discourse: Textual Analysis for Social Research. Routledge 2003.

George and Bennett, Case Studies and Theory Development in the Social Sciences. MIT Press 2005.

King et.al., Designing Social Inquiry. Princeton University Press 1994.

Tetlock et.al., Unmaking the West: ?What-If?? Scenarios That Rewrite World History. University of Michigan Press 2006.

Ackerly - Stern -True (eds.), Feminist Methodologies for International Relations. Cambridge University Press 2007.

Navari (eds.), Theorising International Society. Methods in English School Theory 2009.


Heino Nyyssönen, Teacher responsible
Arja Rosenholm, Teacher
Jenni Mäenpää, Teacher


12-Sep-2011 – 9-Nov-2011
Lectures 12 hours
Mon 12-Sep-2011 - 26-Sep-2011 weekly at 12.00-14.00, Linna 5026
12-Sep-2011 at 12.00 –14.00 , Linna 6017
Wed 14-Sep-2011 - 28-Sep-2011 weekly at 13.00-15.00, Linna 5026
Seminar 10 hours
Tue 8-Nov-2011 at 10.00-17.00, Linna K106
Wed 9-Nov-2011 at 10.00-17.00, Linna 6017
Discipline specific seminar/IR
Thu 24-Nov-2011 at 12.00-16.00, Linna 6018
Tue 29-Nov-2011 at 12.00-16.00, Linna 6018
Wed 30-Nov-2011 at 12.00-14.00, Linna 6018