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Archived teaching schedules 2011–2012
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SOSLS2 Neoinstitutionalism, Globalization and Localization of Transnational Models 6 ECTS
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School of Social Sciences and Humanities

General description

Neoinstitutionalism, Globalization and Localization of Transnational Models,  (6 op, 6 credits)

The aim of this course is to explore the localization of global models of rationality at the national and regional levels, whereby global harmonization developments on the one hand are complemented by banal nationalism on the other. Building on neoinstitutionalist world polity theory, the basic premise of this course is that while global models of rationality are, indeed, emerging and being institutionalised nationally, the actual processes of growing harmonization are far from uniform or simplistic, top-down adoption as is often assumed. Rather, the growing similarity of institutions and policies transnationally is matched by a rhetoric of nationalism on a domestic level. Insufficient attention has been paid in globalisation literature in general, and in world polity theory in particular, to how global models both construct similar-looking national institutions and
generate "nation-speak" while doing so. The course addresses this gap by presenting both theoretical literature on world polity theory and national case studies of global model adaptation.

Time: Period II Autumn (24.10.2011- 14.12.2011)

Ilmoittautuminen/kurssille hyväksyminen: Kurssi on seminaarimuotoinen, kurssille otetaan max 20 opiskelijaa ilmoittautumisjärjestyksessä. Kurssi on avoin sekä pää- että sivuaineopiskelijoille, ensisijaisesti kurssille valitaan sosiologian pääaineopiskelijoita, mutta paikkojen salliessa myös muita sosiaalitieteiden pääaineopiskelijoita.

Coordinators: Marjaana Rautalin ja Laura Valkeasuo

Other teachers: Karin Creutz-Kämppi (University of Helsinki), Elina Mikola, Jukka Syväterä, Ali Qadir, Pertti Alasuutari


Course programme

The course consists of three introductory lectures, five seminar meetings, and of the final exam.

Introductory lectures (2 x 45 minutes) will induct the students into the basics of the neo-institutionalism theory, the world society theory, and to the theory on the domestication (localization) of transnational policy models.  In the introductory lectures, teachers also introduce case studies in which the world society theory is applied when the domestication (localization) of transnational policy models is studied at the local level. The teachers of the course will perform as lecturers.

In the seminar meetings (2 x 45 minutes), each student will introduce either alone or together with other student(s) one research article related to the themes discussed above which will then be discussed together in the meeting. In each seminar meeting, we will discuss two research articles. One article introduction/presentation should last for about 15-20 minutes, after which there will be a general discussion on the article. All students need to get familiar will all articles in advance in order to be able to take part in the general discussion on the article and to ask further questions from the presenting students. Teachers of the course will act as chairs of the meetings.

In the last meeting we will have the final exam. Instead of the final exam, the students can also choose the learning diary in order to accomplish the course. On the moodle page students will find all the instructions concerning the learning diaries and the presentation/introductions of the articles. The individual research articles to be discussed in the meetings will also be inserted in the moodle page of the course.

Time table of the course

Wed 26.10. Introductory lecture

Wed 2.11.  Lecture

Wed 9.11. Lecture

Wed 16.11. Seminar meeting

Wed 23.11. Seminar meeting

Wed 30.11.  Seminar meeting

Wed 7. 12.  Seminar meeting

Mon (!) 12.12.  Seminar meeting

Wed 14.12. Final exam

Each meeting will take place in Linna´s seminar room 5014 (5th floor) at 14-16pm.



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Koordinaattorit: Marjaana Rautalin, Laura Valkeasuo, Teacher responsible


26-Oct-2011 – 14-Dec-2011
Wed 26-Oct-2011 - 14-Dec-2011 weekly at 14-16, Linna 5014, *** Seminar on Wednesdays except ALSO on Monday, the 12th December.