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TIEIB8D1 Nordic Public Service Media in Global Comparison 5 ECTS
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School of Communication, Media and Theatre

General description

The lectures and exercises of the course aim at developing a theoretical and methodological basis for a comparative analysis of public service media worldwide. The lectures will focus on description and analysis of public service broadcasting in the Nordic countries; history and development, structure & remit, organization, funding, programming and production, construction of audiences, performance. This kind of broadcasting oriented view is then contrasted and discussed in relation to the new identity of public service broadcasting as public service media. Through student work in the course the lectures are complemented by a comparative European and global view. The main assignment for the students is to produce basic comparative data from their respective countries of origin by making use of the analytic scheme of the lectures. The web pages of broadcasters and similar Internet sources will be used as main measures to collect the needed information for student work. The students will also be instructed shortly for the use of electronic sources of the Tampere University Library.

Lectures and Exercises (2 ECTS), Working Paper (3 ECTS)

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Taisto Hujanen, Teacher responsible

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8-Sep-2011 – 13-Oct-2011
Lectures 18 hours
Thu 8-Sep-2011 - 13-Oct-2011 weekly at 9-12, Linna 6017