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Archived teaching schedules 2011–2012
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KVPOA3/VALTA7 Jean Monnet Module on European Integration and Enlargement 3–5 ECTS
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Intermediate studies
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International Relations
School of Management

General description

To develop an advanced interdisciplinary understanding of the main approaches and theories of European integration and an ability to apply them to the enlargement of the European Union (EU).

Lectures 36 h + exam (3 ECTS) 5 Sept - 24 Oct; essay seminar 6 h (5 ECTS) 10 - 17 Nov.


International Relations:
KVPOA3, Wiener - Diez (3 ECTS) or Wiener - Diez and Bindi/Vogt - Maier (5 ECTS)

Political Science: VALTA7, 3-5 ECTS.



Pami Aalto and visiting lecturers, Teacher

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5-Sep-2011 – 17-Nov-2011
Lectures 36 hours
Mon 5-Sep-2011 - 10-Oct-2011 weekly at 14-17, Linna room K103
19-Sep-2011 at 14 –18 , Linna K103
Thu 8-Sep-2011 - 13-Oct-2011 weekly at 14-17, Pinni room B3116
22-Sep-2011 , No lecture.
Seminar 8 hours
Seminar group 1 (CBU/IR students)
Wed 26-Oct-2011 at 12-14, Linna room 5101
Thu 10-Nov-2011 - 17-Nov-2011 weekly at 14-17, Linna 5101
Seminar group 2 (ERS + other students)
Wed 26-Oct-2011 at 12.00-14.00, Linna 6018
Thu 10-Nov-2011 - 17-Nov-2011 weekly at 14-17, Linna 6018
Exam 3 hours
Mon 24-Oct-2011 at 14-17, Linna room K103
Mon 7-Nov-2011 at 14-16.30, Linna 6017