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Archived Curricula Guide 2011–2012
Curricula Guide is archieved. Please refer to current Curricula Guides
Translation Studies

The curriculum in Multilingual Communication and Translation Studies educates experts in intercultural communication, including translators, interpreters and researchers. Their professional skills are based on an excellent command of their working languages, wide-ranging communicative and research skills and a thorough familiarity with the theory and practice of translation and interpreting.


The Multilingual Communication and Translation Studies curriculum offers major degree studies in translation and interpreting between Finnish and English, German, and Russian; translation between Finnish and Swedish can be studied as a minor subject (25-60 ECTS). A major subject degree in Multilingual Communication and Translation Studies includes 80 ECTS at the Bachelor's as well as at the Master's degree level.  A minor degree option in FAST Area Studies is also available for both Tampere and International students.


The development of the students' oral and written skills in one or more foreign languages to a level required for professional translating and interpreting is central to the aims of the curriculum. The students' knowledge of cultures is broadened and deepened so as to enable them to engage successfully in professional intercultural communication. At the Master's degree level, the students may choose from four fields of specialization: law and administration, technical translation and localization, literary and audiovisual translation or interpreting. The courses from each programme are not necessarily taught every year, so students also have the possibility to combine courses from different fields, as long as they form meaningful entities.


Translators and interpreters must have a perfect command of their mother tongue. For this reason the three major subjects include a 20 ECTS study unit of Finnish tailored to the needs of the Multilingual Communication and Translation Studies students. In general, Multilingual Communication and Translation Studies presuppose an excellent command of the Finnish language. Minor student selection exams are organised at the beginning of each autumn term. Exchange students can select certain courses from the curriculum (listed in this guide) which do not require Finnish language skills provided there is room in the particular class. Note, however, that most courses are taught in small groups with limited enrollment for which Finnish degree students have priority.

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