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Archived Curricula Guide 2011–2012
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Master´s Programme in Security Management

Security Management education was introduced into administrative subjects in 1998. The startup of education up to master's level was an outcome of successful collaboration already built up and firmly established between Administrative Sciences as a discipline and police training in Tampere.

Security Management as a part of Administrative Sciences at the University of Tampere entails an approach to the field of security and security issues from the perspective of police work and internal security. Studies in security management constitute the master's programme in security management, which in practice means going further after intermediate studies in Administrative Science in the direction of Security Management as a special field. Master's education in security management has been developed in Tampere in good co-operation with the Police Department of the Ministry of the Interior, Finland, by whom the education is funded, and the Police College of Finland.

The working life objectives in the teaching offered are specifically intended to strengthen capabilities in strategic management and administrative expertise. Teaching pays particular attention to the relations of the police with society and citizens, security services as part of the welfare society, security planning and relations to interest groups, strategic management and evaluation of security units, human resource management, financial management and international co-operation in the field of security. Teaching endeavours to create the preconditions and capabilities for the further development of the security field as a part of the welfare society and international co-operation. The scientific aim of teaching is to create the preconditions for the strengthening and expanding of administrative and social sciences research focusing on the police.

Research in Security Management is closely linked to focal areas in teaching. Thus the research objects have included leadership and evaluation systems in the police, interest groups and net connections, changes in regional and supervisory structures, internal co-operation in security, corruption and also quality management systems. In research, increased internationalisation has meant on the one hand the internationalisation of security issues, an increase in the significance of European security co-operation, an increase in the need for comparative administrative research and on the other hand an increase on the personnel level of co-operation for research.

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