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Specialization in Development of Interactive Software (2012-2013)

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the specialization in Development of Interactive Software the student
- knows the software architectures used for implementing user interfaces,
- can apply software development techniques to implement new interaction techniques in products and services, and
- understands the strengths and limitations of the constructive research method in HTI.

See also the general learning outcomes of the Master's Degree and Master's Degree Programme in Human-Technology Interaction.


1. General studies 3-15 cr
2. Core Module in HTI 15 cr
3. Development of Interactive Software Advanced Courses 25 cr
4. Master's Thesis 40 cr
5. Optional studies 25 - 37 cr


If the students have not taken these or equivalent studies in the previous degree, the studies must be taken as complementing studies:
• TIEVA31 Principles of Programming Graphical User Interfaces
• TIETA6 Data Structures
• TIETA11 Programming Technique, C++
• TIEA4 Project Work / SISYA200 Innovation Project

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Specialization in Development of Interactive Software (2012-2013)

1. General studies 3–15 ECTS
Some of these studies are not required from students with B.Sc. degree in UTA, see detailed instructions
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