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Archived Curricula Guide 2012–2015
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Specialization in Internet and Game Studies

Learning outcomes

The Specialization in Internet and Game Studies will provide understanding about the fundamental character and operation of interactive media, and develop the abilities that are necessary in research and design of interactive digital media and games.

After completing the program a student is expected to be able to:

-identify, define and analyse interactive media in its different forms
-have in-depth understanding about the contents, operation and fundamental character of Internet and digital games
-independently acquire scientific knowledge and reach eligibility for postgraduate studies in interactive media studies
-communicate the results from research and act as an expert in the field of new media


The theories and research literature of interactive media. The research methods for studying the use and users of interactive media. The main approaches to the design research of online services and digital games. The special characteristics of games and game studies. The planning, evaluation, reporting and evaluation of research project in the field of interactive media.

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School of Information Sciences