Curricula Guides 2011–2012
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Archived Curricula Guide 2011–2012
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General education option

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School of Information Sciences
Mathematics: B.Sc. (Mathematics)
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General education option

Basic Studies in Mathematics 25 ECTS
MATEA15A Logic 1A, 3 ECTS
MATEA15B Logic 1B, 3 ECTS
MATEP0 Discrete Mathematics, 6 ECTS
MATEP9 Formal Languages, 2 ECTS
MATEP2A Linear Algebra 1A, 5 ECTS
MATEP3 Analysis 1, 8 ECTS
Intermediate Studies in Mathematics 60–80 ECTS
60–80 ECTS
MATEA7A Algebra 1, 10 ECTS
MATEP4 Analysis 2, 8 ECTS
MATEA1 Analysis 3, 8 ECTS
MATEA11 Graph Theory, 4–8 ECTS
MATEA20 Introduction to Modal Logic, 5–8 ECTS
MATEA3 Bachelor's Thesis, 10 ECTS
MATEA44 Complex Numbers, 2 ECTS
MATEP2B Linear Algebra 1B, 5 ECTS
MATEA16 Logic 2, 4–8 ECTS
MATEA38 Mathematical Software, 1–4 ECTS
MATEA39 History of Mathematics, 2–4 ECTS
MATEA28 Topology, 4–8 ECTS
MATEA45 Number Systems, 5 ECTS
School of Information Sciences