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Archived Curricula Guide 2011–2012
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GERFA6 Grammar II 4 ECTS
Organised by
German Language and Culture
Person in charge
Marja-Leena Piitulainen
Preceding studies

Learning outcomes

To become familiar with the central syntactic description methods and grammar models (especially valency theory); to master the German syntactic structures and seeing them as a part of linguistic knowledge.


Operational tests, syntax as a part of grammar, syntactic description models, especially the valency and dependency model, its central concepts and principles, syntactic functions, clause models, clause types, a simple and a complex clause, word order.

Modes of study

Participation in lectures and exercises (knowledge of Finnish is required); a written final exam in German or in Finnish. Alternatively a book exam in German or in Finnish.

Evaluation and evaluation criteria

Numeric 1-5.
Evaluation by written exam.

Study materials

Agreed sections from some German grammar. Piitulainen, M-L., Syntax des Deutschen. Unter Berücksichtigung des Kontrasts zum Finnischen. 2000.

Belongs to following study modules

School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies
Linguistics (German Language and Culture)
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School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies