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Archived Curricula Guide 2011–2012
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VALTA10 Bachelor's Thesis Seminar 10 ECTS
Organised by
Political Science
Preceding studies
Students must complete all Basic Studies in Political Science before attending the seminar. It is recommended that students also complete the modules VALTA8 and VALTA9 before the seminar.

General description

Students write a Bachelor's thesis, present it and act as an opponent to another student's seminar presentation. Major subject students produce two versions of their thesis, out of which the latter is based on more comprehensive material and is also longer in text than the first version, approximately 20-30 pages.

Learning outcomes

The goal of the seminar and the thesis is to enable the student to carry out independent research.


The writing of the thesis and active class participation in the seminar.

Teaching methods

Guidance in creating presentations and a Bachelor's thesis.

Modes of study

Producing different versions of a Bachelor's thesis, presenting them and acting as an opponent to other theses. During the seminar, students take a maturity test related to the Bachelor's thesis, and have its contents and language revised. In addition, students must take the course YYHT6 Information Seeking in Intermediate Studies.


Numeric 1-5.

Recommended year of study

Bachelor's studies: third year.

Belongs to following study modules

School of Management
Intermediate Studies (Political Science)
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School of Management