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Archived Curricula Guide 2011–2012
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ASIAB002 Greater China as a Business Area 5 ECTS
Organised by
Asian Studies in Business and Business Cultures
Person in charge
Senior Marketing Lecturer Mr. Jukka Lahtinen
Preceding studies
None; the course applies to exchange students, too.

General description

This course gives basic information and tools for Chinese Business and Business cultures.

Learning outcomes

Main objective of the course is to illustrate the reasons, forms, speed and various consequences of China's economic growth since 1978 after Mao Zedong’s era as well as explanation models for the China’s economic success and challenges.


The course introduces the students to social, cultural, political and economic diversity of six East Asian countries as a business area. The course provides the participants an overview of the emerging patterns and modes of trade and investment, the structure of industry and services, capital markets, banking and financial services, governmental policies, company laws, regional challenges and experiences of other business enterprises in Greater China Region and in the Korean Peninsula. The countries and regions in focus are: China, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea and Taiwan Province.

Teaching methods

Teaching method Contact Online
Lectures 20 h 0 h

Teaching language


Modes of study

+ expert interview. Further information on modes of study is given by the lecturer in charge.


Numeric 1-5.

Study materials

  1. Midler, Paul: Poorly Made in China: An Insider's Account of the Tactics Behind China's Production Game, Wiley, 2009.
  2. Nassimbeni, Guido & Sartor, Marco: Sourcing in China: Strategies, Methods and Experiences, Palgrave Macmillan, 2006.
  3. One textbook, precised with the lecturer (essay required).
  4. Other materials, as given by the lecturer, will be delivered for Moodle.

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Asian Studies in Business and Business Cultures (Asian Studies in Business and Business Cultures)
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