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Archived Curricula Guide 2011–2012
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HAS510K Comparative Study of Administration and Organizations/Books 3 ECTS
Organised by
Administrative Science
Person in charge
Professor of Public Administration
Course is available for:
  • Major subject students
  • Graduate students
  • Exchange students of UTA

Learning outcomes

See HAS508 Comparative Study of Administration and Organizations


See HAS508 Comparative Study of Administration and Organizations

Teaching language

Finnish, English

Modes of study

Can be completed by taking an exam on the following books and articles or by writing four essays in English (about 8 pages each).


Numeric 1-5.

Study materials

  1. Fukuyama, Francis: State-Building. Governance and World Order in the Twenty-first Century. Profile Books. London 2005.
  2. Hofstede, Geert - Hofstede, Gert-Jan: Cultures and Organizations: Software of the Mind. McGraw-Hill. New York 2004.
  3. Pollitt, Christopher-Bouckaert, Geert (ed.) Public Management Reform: a Comparative Analysis. Oxford. Oxford University Press 2005.
  4. Articles from International Review of Administrative Sciences:
  •  Vol. 72, 2, 2006: Doig - McIvor - Theobald: Numbers, nuances and moving targets: converging the use of corruption indicators or descriptors in assessing state development. p. 239-252.
  • Vol. 74, 1, 2008: Samaratunge - Alam - Teicher: The New Public Management reforms in Asia: a comparison of South and Southeast Asian countries. p. 25-46.
  • Vol.74, 1, 2008: Van De Walle - Van Roosbroek - Bouckaert: Trust in the public sector: is there any evidence for a long-term decline? p. 47-64.

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