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Archived Curricula Guide 2011–2012
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MATES53 Advanced Modal Logic 5 ECTS
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Person in charge
Lauri Hella
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Learning outcomes

To deepen student's knowledge in the proof theory of modal logic and to familiarise oneself with the definability theory of modal logic. After this course the student is able to, for example, examine if a given formula of modal logic is true/valid in a given model/frame/class of frames. The student will also understand how bisimulation is used as a tool when investigating the definability of classes of models and classes of frames.


Completeness theorems for modal systems; bisimulation and modal equivalence; tree models and finite models; frame definability; correspondence theory; disjoint unions, generated submodels and p-morphic images.

Modes of study


Numeric 1-5.

Study materials

  1. Rantala, V., Virtanen, A., Johdatus modaalilogiikkaan. Gaudeamus 2004.
  2. Blackburn, P., de Rijke, M., Venema, Y., Modal Logic. Cambridge University Press 2002.

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