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Archived Curricula Guide 2011–2012
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TKOPS125 Information Description, Data Description and Their Administration 8 ECTS
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Computer Science
Preceding studies

Learning outcomes

The goal of the course is to give students a comprehensive picture of the problems, organisation, methods and tools of information and data description and their administration in a large organisation.


Metadata: descriptions of knowledge, information and data. Data dictionaries and company encyclopaedias. Concept libraries, ontologies and their use. The organisation and actions of information and data management. Data administrators and database administrators: roles and tasks. Roles and tasks of other personnel working in information and data management. Descriptions of databases and data warehouses. Applications based on the use of metadata. Quality in information and data descriptions.

Teaching methods

Teaching method Contact Online
Lectures 26 h 0 h

And written material.

Teaching language


Modes of study


Numeric 1-5.

Recommended year of study

Advanced level 3rd or 4th year.

Study materials

Selected parts of the books

  1. Tiwana,A., The Knowledge Management Toolkit. Practical Techniques for Building a Knowledge Management System. Prentice Hall PTR 2000;
  2. Inmon,W.H.,Welch,J.D.,Glassey,K.L., Managing the Data Warehouse. Wiley 1997;
  3. Brackett,M.H., Shelby,S., Data Resource Quality. Addison-Wesley 2000;
  4. Huang,K.-T., Lee,Y.W., Wang,R.Y., Quality Information and Knowledge. Prentice Hall PRT 1999.

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School of Information Sciences
School of Information Sciences
School of Information Sciences
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School of Information Sciences