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Archived Curricula Guide 2008–2010
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HYPEA3 Hypermedia Analysis and Media Literacy 4–12 ECTS
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Person in charge
Senior assistant of hypermedia
Preceding studies
Basic studies in Hypermedia

Learning outcomes

The objective is to introduce understanding the media elements of hypermedia, the demands of hypermedia literacy and the analysis and critique of hypermedia. Students will moreover acquire the conceptual skills for hypermedia design.


The main content of the studies comprises analysis, evaluation and design of interactive media, likewise the related perspectives and concepts. Students will also learn about the analysis of hypermedia media elements, structures and means of exercising influence. The content for the studies will be selected more precisely from three options: a) new media literacy, b) game and interactive design and c) elements and concepts of multimedia expression. In option a) students will learn about the literacy concept and theories in the new media context. In option b) students will learn about theories and tools for game design. In option c) students will learn about the design, analysis and evaluation of multimedia elements and about theories and tools for analysis and evaluation.

Teaching methods

Teaching method Contact Online
Lectures 21 h 0 h

21 h of lectures and/or independent study. Teaching methods will be specified annually in the teaching programme.

Teaching language

Finnish, English

Modes of study

The course, which is offered in the form of lectures, is to be completed by keeping a lecture diary and writing essays on subjects to be set in advance.
Alternatively these studies may be taken by doing examinations on set books. The mode of completion will be further specified annually in the teaching programme. One to three examinations can be taken on the course.


Numeric 1-5.

Study materials

A3a New Media Literacy 4 ECTS/2.0 cu, total of two works:
1. Bolter & Grusin: Remediation: Understanding New Media. MIT Press 2000.
2. Knobel & Lankshear: A New Literacies Sampler. Peter Lang, 2007. (http://www.soe.jcu.edu.au/sampler/)
3. Landow, Hypertext 3.0. Johns Hopkins 2006. (http://books.google.com)

A3b Games and game design 4 ECTS/2.0 cu, total of two works:
1. Fullerton, Swain & Hoffman: Game Design Workshop: Designing, Prototyping and Playtesting Games. CMP Books 2004.
2. Salen & Zimmerman: Rules of Play. MIT Press 2004.
3. Shedroff: Experience Design 1. New Riders 2001.

A3c Audiovisual expression in multimedia ECTS/2.0 cu, total of two works:
1. Chion: Audio-Vision: Sound on Screen. Columbia University Press 1994.
2. Sonnenschein: Sound Design: The Expressive Power of Music, Voice, and Sound Effects in Cinema. Michael Wiese Productions 2001.
3. Kress & Leeuwen: Reading Images: The Grammar of Visual Design. Routledge 1995.
4. Greene: Internet Art. Thames & Hudson 2004.
5. Tufte: Envisioning Information. Graphics Press 1990.

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Department of Information Studies and Interactive Media
Intermediate Studies (Hypermedia)
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