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PGHES03 Health in disasters, conflicts and complex human emergencies 5 op
Master's Degree Programme in Public and Global Health


Terveystieteen oppialat: Global health


Disasters affect close to 400 million people each year. Exploring issues ranging from the debates around the global response to the Haiti earthquake to vaccine-preventable diseases in prolonged conflicts, this course develops and broadens the students? understanding of health and healthcare in various disaster contexts. The course includes an interactive group exercise at the Tampere Training Center for Skills and Simulation on infectious disease outbreak control, as well as guest lecturers who share their field-level experiences on humanitarian emergencies. Upon successful completion of this course, the students will be able to demonstrate a critical understanding of key concepts of conflicts, disaster management and humanitarian response and their significance in different contexts.


Upon completion of this course, the students should be able to:
? demonstrate a critical understanding of key concepts in disasters, conflicts and complex humanitarian emergencies
? develop an understanding of vulnerabilities, health and social risks, issues and outcomes in specific types of disasters and conflict situations
? understand and appreciate the concepts of disaster management and humanitarian response and their significance in various contexts
? recognize political issues, debates and challenges around disasters, response and relief
? critically evaluate disaster risk reduction and humanitarian response policy and practice from several perspectives
? identify and understand key concepts in disaster and conflict research and epidemiology
? critically understand the strengths and weaknesses of disaster management initiatives, approaches, planning and programming in different countries, particularly course focus locations or the countries the students come from
? appraise scientific literature and to make oral presentations


? Key concepts and main theories on disasters
? Key concepts and main theories on conflicts & complex humanitarian emergencies
? Communicable diseases in different emergency context
? Non-communicable health conditions in different emergency context
? Mental health in different emergency context
? Relief, response, recovery
? Case Study: Haiti natural disaster
? Case Study: Ebola in West Africa
? Case Study: Prolonged conflict
? Policy, Evidence & Disaster Research

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