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Archived Curricula Guide 2017–2019
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TLO35236 Information Security Management 4 ECTS

Learning outcomes

After the course the student has a basic understanding of information security and the value of information to business. The student understands the process of managing information security and the role of information security policies in management. The student can apply this knowledge from the business perspective to the context of managing a company. The student is able to plan the implementation of an information security awareness program, and assess the state of information security in a company.


See TUT study guide http://www.tut.fi/opinto-opas/wwwoppaat/opas2017-2018/perus/aineryhmat/Tiedonhallinta/TLO-35236.html


Numeric 1-5.

Further information

Meant for SIS students, especially for CS students taking studies in information systems.

Enrollment through JOOPAS-system. For more info see SIS web pages and contact coordinator Kirsi Tuominen.
Tarkoitettu informaatiotieteiden yksikön erityisesti organisaatioiden tietojärjestelmien opintoja suorittaville opiskelijoille.
Ilmoittautuminen JOOPAS-järjestelmän kautta. Katso tarkemmat ohjeet yksikön sivuilta, lisätietoja Kirsi Tuomiselta.

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