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Archived Curricula Guide 2017–2019
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KATTAS32 Advanced Course in Labour Economics 5 ECTS
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Degree Programme in Business Studies
Person in charge
economics, professor
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School of Management
Curricula 2015 – 2017

Learning outcomes

After completing the course student has an advanced knowledge of the factors that have an effect on labor markets and can analyze those effects from the point of view of different labor market participants and the whole society.


Theories of labor market and empirical research on labor market. Models of imperfect competition on labor market (like efficiency wage and trade union models) as well as labor search and incidence models. The formation of wages, wage differentials, the explanations of unemployment, the meaning of labor market institutions and the actions affecting unemployment.

Teaching language

Finnish, English

Modes of study

Option 1
Available for:
  • Degree Programme Students
  • Other Students
  • Open University Students
  • Doctoral Students
  • Exchange Students
Written exam 
In Finnish
In English
Participation in course work 
In Finnish

Written exam is possible for foreign students. Exchange students should contact the teacher responsible well in advance before the exam and make an agreement on the required readings, if they are interested in taking the written exam (see the curriculum).


Numeric 1-5.

Study materials

Three themes (material will be selected from this list):

I) Master Level Labour Economics:
1. Cahuc, Pierre & Zylberberg, André (2004): Labor Economics. MIT Press.

II) Imperfect Labour Market and Labour Market Policy: 
1. Boeri, Tito & van Ours, Jan (2008): The Economics of Imperfect Labor Markets. Princeton University Press.

III) Trade Union Models and Incentives:
1. Booth, Alison L. (1994): The Economics of the Trade Union. Cambridge University Press.

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