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DIGI03 Business Related Project Studies (TAMK) 5 op


International Business students can carry out a part of their studies as project studies. The projects are defined in advance for the credit count, costs and duration. The projects are commissioned e.g. by local companies or by Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The team projects come from actual companies and the students themselves. See further instructions and required forms at www.wiki.tamk.fi (use "Business Related Project Studies" as a search key there).

After completing the course, the students will be able to:

Work more professionally in real projects, and participate in carrying out systematically managed projects, from project approval and planning to control and implementation.
Apply and further develop existing disciplinary knowledge in real life cases and projects.
Use their individual communication, negotiation and group work skills more effectively and efficiently.
Enhance their use of different sources of information, learning environments, project management software tools, and IT in general.


How can universities and local companies work together?
What different projects are relevant for university of applied sciences (UAS) students?
What kind of co-operation will benefit both the student(s) and the client?
What can a UAS student learn and benefit from participation in a real project?
How is project management interrelated to the strategic and general management of an organization?
What are the benefits of applying systematic project management methods and related IT tools for different projects?
How are projects planned, implemented, controlled and reported successfully?
What kind of proposed generalizations can be made based on successful project outcomes?




Numerolla 1-5.

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