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Archived Curricula Guide 2015–2017
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CMTYY4 Tutoring International Students 2 ECTS
Organised by
Common Core Studies / CMT

Learning outcomes

After being an international tutor the student knows how to plan, guide and evaluate actions of a group. Student can be responsible for group guidance and planning activities. He/she understands the meaning and possibilities of peer support and social skills and can utilise them. He/she knows how to evaluate and take into consideration cultural differences. After being an international tutor the student can describe the main characteristics of university studies and the structure of their degree programme.


The international tutor helps new international students to integrate in the University of Tampere and in the student community. He/she introduces Finnish culture to the new students.
The international tutor acts as a peer tutor of the new international students and takes part in the training sessions organised for the international tutors. The training sessions deal with i.e. the role of an international tutor and the guidance organised to support students. In addition the international tutor familiarizes himself/herself independently with the curricula guide and degree requirements of his/her own school and the info materials prepared for international students.
The international tutor prepares a plan for his/her tutoring, participates in tutoring during at least one semester and submits a tutor report to his/her school and to the Centre for International Education at the end of the semester. In addition, he/she evaluates his/her own action as a tutor, the success and significance of tutoring and the training sessions and thus takes part in the development of international tutoring.

Teaching language

English, Finnish

Modes of study

Option 1
Available for:
  • Degree Programme Students
  • Other Students
  • Open University Students
  • Doctoral Students
  • Exchange Students
Training Sessions for International Students  Participation in course work 
In English
Written report  Essay 
In Finnish
Further information 

Raportin voi kirjoittaa suomeksi tai englanniksi. Opiskelijan tulee lisäksi vastata palautekyselyyn.

In English

Participation in the training sessions, a written report and filling in a feedback survey.
The report should be at least two pages long (see the instructions on UTA website for international tutoring). Students can receive 2 ECTS credits for being an international tutor and these credits can be received only once. Credits can be included in the Bachelor’s or in the Master’s degree and it can be part of the internationalization module. Students can receive a certificate of international tutoring in English or Finnish from the International Office, given that they have the tutoring credits in their academic transcript.



Study materials

Guide for International Tutors and Curricula Guide. Kv-tuutoroinnin lisätiedot ja materiaalit: http://www.uta.fi/studies/wellbeing/international_tutoring.html

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School of Communication, Media and Theatre
Optional Studies/CMT (Common Core Studies / CMT)
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School of Communication, Media and Theatre