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Archived Curricula Guide 2017–2019
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JKKYLECT Guest Lectures on management and leadership 2–5 ECTS
Organised by
Common Core Studies / JKK

Learning outcomes

Each student of the course defines their personal learning objectives. The purpose of the course and the personal learning outcomes is that students expand their expertise into new areas, gain new perspectives and deepen their knowledge.


During an academic year the student participates in 4-10 guest lectures, organized in the Faculty of Management, and writes a lecture diary about them. The student shall attend a minimum of 4 guest lectures, which grants 2 ECTS. The course is worth the maximum of 5 ECTS, which requires the attendance at 10 guest lectures. A guest lecture is a single lecture, organized in the Faculty of Management that does not belong to the study curriculum. The duration of one guest lecture shall consist of at least one academic lesson.

As the learning objectives of the course are determined according to the student's interests, the student should describe these learning objectives in his/her lecture diary in relation to each guest lecture and evaluate the guest lectures based on these learning objectives. The student should highlight in their lecture diary what new perspectives the guest lectures offered him/her and how they advanced the student?s skills. It is also encouraged to evaluate the outcome of the guest lectures on how they contribute to a student?s studies as a whole.

Modes of study

Option 1
Available for:
  • Degree Programme Students
  • Other Students
  • Open University Students
  • Doctoral Students
  • Exchange Students
Participation in course work 
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In Finnish
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Further information

When selecting the guest lectures to include to the course, the student should make sure that the lectures support, advance and deepen the student?s broader educational objectives. Additionally, the student should take into account that the assumed knowledge required by the guest lectures may differ significantly from each other.

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Faculty of Management
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Faculty of Management