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Archived Curricula Guide 2017–2019
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BIO2310 Mathematics and statistics for bioinformatics 4–8 ECTS
Organised by
Master's Degree Programme in Bioinformatics
Corresponding course units in the curriculum
Curricula 2015 – 2017

Learning outcomes

After the course the student can:
- perform simple calculations of university-level mathematics on the course topics on pen and paper.
- explain some main principles of statistical testing and estimation.
- apply basic statistical testing and estimation in specific cases, selecting the methods according to the requirements set by data.
- use the R environment as a simple calculator and a visualization tool for basic presentation of functions and data.
- use the R environment to perform basic statistical testing and estimation, simulate data from simple probabilistic models and calculate and analyze estimates from data.


- Calculus
- Linear algebra
- Probability
- Basic probability and statistical models
- Estimators, maximum likelihood
- Hypothesis testing (t-test, U-test, Fisher’s exact test, permutation testing)
- Required components and the resulting number of credit units are assigned in accordance with the personal study plan

Modes of study

Option 1
Available for:
  • Degree Programme Students
  • Other Students
  • Open University Students
  • Doctoral Students
  • Exchange Students
Participation in course work 
In English


Numeric 1-5.

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Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences
Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences
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For Open University students only
Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences