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NORDIG9 Evaluation & Learning/Leading development and change in knowledge-intensive organisations 15 op
Nordic Master's Programme in Innovative Governance and Public Management


a)Evaluation and Learning
The overall aim is to provide deeper knowledge in the theory and practice of programme evaluation in the public sector.

After completing the course, students shall be able to:
- discuss and compare knowledge of various theoretical perspectives on evaluation
- analyse a given design and the im plementation of evaluations
- problematise the use of evaluations in policy and administration with a particular focus on education and knowledge-intensive organisations
- discuss ethical issues in programme evaluation

b) Learning and development within organisations
The overall aim of the course is to develop an understanding of different approaches to learning within an organisation can be promoted.

After the course the participants will be able to:
- Analyse and problematise the correspondence between vision, strategy and action plans regarding learning and development within an organisation.
- Design and present appropriate strategies for working with continuous professional development within an organisation on the basis of theory and evaluation.
- Analyse and problematise different strategies and approaches to learning and development at the work place.
- Discuss strategies for flexible and network-based learning in relation to a given organisational context.


a)Evaluation and Learning
The course is interdisciplinary and includes theory, methodology and practice in evaluation. During the course, various contexts are studied where evaluations are practised. The course includes evaluation trends and developments, and contemporary evaluation models. In particular, policy and programme evaluation are studied (evaluations of reforms, policies, programmes, projects in the public sector). A critical approach will be taken on evaluation as an aspect of governance, steering, quality assurance and accountability. Furthermore, the course includes discussions of evaluation criteria, evaluation roles, evaluation ethics and values, the use and function of evaluations and the design, implementation and reporting of evaluation.

b) Learning and development within organisations
The course contains theoretical knowledge on individual learning as well as organisational learning with an emphasis on the interaction between individual perspectives and organisational perspectives. Theories will be used to design, scrutinise and problematise how overall policies concerning continuous professional development can be aligned with the specific activities intended for change within a given organisational context.

Course themes:
- contemporary learning theories
- approaches and strategies utilised to promote learning and continous professional developmentt
- the relation between policy and practice regarding learning and development within the organisation
- outcom- and competency based learning frameworks
- flexible and network-based learning strategies and digitisation


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Arviointi ja arviointiperusteet

Numerolla 1-5.
a) Examination: Examination includes a) an individually written paper in which an evaluation theme is discussed based on the literature and b) a task to design an evaluation, alternatively to report and reflect upon an already carried out evaluation. b) Examination: One individual written assignment and one group report that will be communicated orally and written form.


a) Evaluation and Learning

Ross, Peter, Freeman, Howard and Lipsey, Mark (2004) Evaluation. A Systemativ Approach, 7th Edition. London: SAGE

Weiss, Carol H. (1998) Evaluation: Methods for Studying Programs and Policies, 2nd Edition. London: Prentice Hall.

Additional articles and reference literature will be used, to be announced three weeks before course starts at the latest.

b) Learning and development within organisations

Illeris, Knud (Ed.) (2009) Contemporary Theories of Learning. Learning theorists...in their own words. London, Routledge.

Wenger, E., McDermott, R., Snyder W.M. (2002) Cultivating Communities of practice: A guide to managing knowledge. Boston, Harward Business School Press.

Additional articles and reference literature will be announced at the latest three weeks before the course starts.

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