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Archived Curricula Guide 2014–2015
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BIO2260 Introduction to Computer Science 4 ECTS
Organised by
Master's Degree Programme in Bioinformatics
Person in charge
Matti Annala


Strategic themes: Internationalisation

Learning outcomes

The course targets students with biological background. The objective is to gain basic understanding of fundamental concepts in computer science to facilitate interdisciplinary communication in bioinformatics. The course also provides necessary background for the follow-up courses on algorithms in bioinformatics.


The course provides an overview of the most important concepts in computer science. Basic concepts in machine architecture and data representation are explained, followed by an introduction to essential data structures and operations over them. Further, some of the fundamentals of complexity and computability are presented, together with selected topics from artificial intelligence that are of relevance to bioinformatics.

Teaching methods

Teaching method Contact Online
Lectures 15 h 0 h

Lectures, exercises and assignments.

Teaching language


Modes of study

Option 1
Available for:
  • Degree Programme Students
  • Other Students
  • Open University Students
  • Doctoral Students
  • Exchange Students
Participation in course work 
In English

Lectures, exercises, assignments and exam.


Numeric 1-5.

Study materials

Brookshear, J. Glenn: Computer Science: An overview, 2008, ISBN: 978-0321524034;

lecture notes.

Further information

In the academic year 2014-2015 the course BIO2350 Programming and Algorithms for Bioinformatics I 6-8 ECTS will replace the courses BIO2250 Introduction to Programming 3-6 ECTS and BIO2260 Introduction to Computer Science 4 ECTS.

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