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LÄÄKA030 Abdominal complaints 6 op
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Opetussuunnitelma 2013 – 2015
LÄÄKA030 Abdominal complaints 6 op


Strategiset teemat: kansainvälistyminen, Hyvä tieteellinen käytäntö


After completing the block Abdominal Complaints the student has deepened his/her knowledge on the anatomy and physiology of the abdominal area. The student knows the central mechanisms causing abdominal pain, most common diseases causing pain in the abdominal area, their epidemiology, symptoms, pathological changes, diagnostics and differential diagnostics as well as treatment, absorption of drugs and their effects to the function of the digestive tract.
The student knows how to interview and examine a patient presenting signs and/or symptoms of abdominal disease. He/she acknowledges the role of various health care settings in treating abdominal complaints.
Student is able to identify and solve problems and research questions from one’s one field with the help of scientific information and research methods. Student is capable of scientific discussion with other scholars and with previous research appropriately and in line with responsible conduct of research.)


Interviewing and doing clinical examination of patients with abdominal complaints in surgical or internal medicine wards and in the Accident and Emergency Department. Following endoscopies in the gastroenterological outpatient clinic. Learning abdominal radiography, fluoroscopy, pathology and clinical physiology at group works and at lectures. In tutorials, repeating abdominal area’s basic knowledge and understanding the treatment of a patient with abdominal complaints in the health care system.



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