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Archived Curricula Guide 2012–2015
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TIEA5 Thesis Course 10 ECTS
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Degree Programme in Computer Sciences
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School of Information Sciences
Curricula 2011 – 2012
TKOPA13 Thesis Course 10 ECTS
TKOPA13 Thesis Course 10 ECTS

Learning outcomes

After completing the course the student is expected to

-- be able to find out scientific literature related to a given problem
-- be able to estimate the relevance and quality of scientific literature with respect the problem at hand
-- understand the basic properties of a given research problem and the relationships between them
-- be able to formulate and justify viewspoints concerning a research problem
-- understand the nature of scientific writing process and master its phases
-- be able to give and receive scientific criticism
-- understand the possible ethical problems related to his/her research project.


In this course students practise scientific writing and conducting research. The different stages and problems of the research process will be dealt with in the lectures as the research process advances.

Teaching methods

Teaching method Contact Online
Lectures 20 h 0 h
Personal instruction

Personal instruction upon request.

Teaching language

Finnish, English

Usually lectures will be given in Finnish, but it is possible to take the course also in English. On Spring term 2013 also the lectures will be in English.

Modes of study

Option 1
Available for:
  • Degree Programme Students
  • Other Students
  • Open University Students
  • Doctoral Students
  • Exchange Students
Participation in course work 
In Finnish
In English
Thesis / dissertation  10 ECTS
In Finnish
In English
Written exam 
In Finnish
In English

Students conduct a research project for practise purposes and report on it, and complete other assignments. The research conducted in the course will qualify as a Bachelor's thesis for the B.Sc. degree. In this case the student must also write the maturity essay.


Numeric 1-5.

Study materials

Järvinen P. OnResearch Methods. Opinpajan kirja 2004.

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School of Information Sciences
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School of Information Sciences