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BIKE4510 Nanobiotechnologies 4 op
Markku Kulomaa


The course comprises of a series of lectures given by expert speakers. The lecturers and lecture topics vary from year to year, covering a wide range of research in nanobiotechnology. After passing the course the student will have a concept of past, current and future status of nanobiotechnology. He/she will understand nanoscale processes and how they relate to and differ from macroscale events. The student will learn concepts related to nanotechnology, nanobiotechnology and biotechnology, as well as to classify techniques and research in each category. Course evaluation will be implemented in the form of learning diaries and essays written by the students. These are designed to teach the student self-evaluation as well as improve skills in written reflection, questioning and argumentation.


Research and advances in the field of nanobiotechnology, Nanoscale carriers of information, Nanotechnologies in diagnostics, Protein engineering, Nanoscale detection methods, Nanoelectronics, Nanomedicine, Written self-evaluation and description of learning process

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