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Archived Curricula Guide 2011–2012
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TRVEPK6 Russian History and Culture 4 ECTS
Organised by
Translation Studies (Russian)

Learning outcomes

To acquire basic knowledge of Russian history and culture.


Emphasis on the Russian history and culture of the 19th and 20th centuries. Corresponds to SLAFP108 History and culture of Russia in Slavonic Philology.

Teaching language


Modes of study

Class participation or a written exam or a paper on an agreed topic.

Evaluation and evaluation criteria

Numeric 1-5.
Grade based on overall performances during the course, or exam or paper.

Study materials

Luukkanen, A. (2001): Hajoaako Venäjä? (pages 9-155) and Luukkanen, A. (2004): Neuvostojen maa. Neuvostoliiton historia 1917-1991 and one of the following: Hellberg-Hirn (1998): E. Soil and Soul. The Symbolic World of Russianness; Egorov, B. F. (1996): Iz istorii russkoj kul´tury. Čast´ V (XIX vek); Očerki po russkoj kul´ture XIX veka. Stat´i po tipologii i istorii russkoj kul´tury (pages 13-389); Pesonen, P.: Venäjän kulttuurihistoria.

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School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies
School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies
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School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies