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Archived Curricula Guide 2011–2012
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VTEKS117 Introduction to experimental research in Interactive Technology 6 ECTS
Organised by
Interactive Technology
Person in charge
Poika Isokoski.
Preceding studies
A basic course on statistics is recommended.
Course is available for:
  • Major subject students
  • Graduate students

General description

The course explains the process of conducting experimental research in interactive technology. Special emphasis is on the design of experiments, the analysis of experimental results, and the conclusions that can be drawn based on the earlier phases. These critical issues are illustrated using practical examples.

Learning outcomes

After the course a student knows the most common experiment designs, the associated statistical methods, and can plan and report simple experiments.


Theoretical foundations of experimental research, operationalization of research questions, choice of experiment design and its connections to the analysis and conclusions, the most common statistical methods, and excercises.

Teaching methods

Teaching method Contact Online
Lectures 16 h 0 h
Exercises 16 h 0 h

Teaching language

Finnish, English

The language will be chosen according to the participants. If there is at least one student whose skill in Finnish is not sufficient, the English language will be used.

Modes of study

The teaching is based on the discussions that take place during the lecture and exercise meetings. These meetings discuss literature that is to be read and exercises that are to be done before the meeting. Being present in the meetings is necessary.

Evaluation and evaluation criteria

Numeric 1-5.
Grading is based on the exam, quizzes on the literature, and on the percentage of exercises that were correctly completed.

Recommended year of study

6. year spring

The course is intended for beginning doctoral students, but it can also be taken in the late phases of a master's studies especially if the student aims for an experimental M.Sc. thesis.

Study materials

  1. Martin, D.W., Doing Psychology Experiments,  (5-7th ed.)
  2. Howell D.C., Statistical Methods in Psychology,  (4-6th ed.)

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School of Information Sciences
School of Information Sciences
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