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Multicultural Study Programme in Education, 25 ECTS

Learning outcomes

The aim of the study programme is
- to improve students’ theoretical, practical, and communicational knowledge and understanding of
international and multicultural environments.
- to develop students’ competencies in order to enable them to pursue new employment opportunities
Upon completion of the study programme the students will be able to
- view multiculturalism from various, identifiable perspectives.
- perceive, identify and understand dynamics and forces in multicultural and international settings.
- construct their own theory in analyzing international and multicultural environments.


Study programme consists of three study modules:
- Educational Experience in Multicultural Context, 3-8 ECTS
- Theoretical Aspects of Multicultural Education, 10-15 ECTS
- Communicational Aspects of Multicultural Education, 5-8 ECTS
Study modules comprise intermediate/advanced level courses related to education, internationality and multiculturalism.



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The study programme is available for degree students and exchange students of the School of

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