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Archived Curricula Guide 2015–2017
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Intermediate studies in business studies, 20–45 ECTS


Numeric 1-5.

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Intermediate studies in business studies

One element from below
Specialising studies in Marketing 25 ECTS
Customer-Oriented Marketing 25 ECTS
KATMAA12 Marketing Communications, 5 ECTS (1.spr)
KATMAA13 Service Marketing, 5 ECTS (2.aut)
KATMAA14 Consumer Behavior, 5 ECTS (2.aut)
KATMAA15 Marketing Management and Organization, 5 ECTS (2.spr)
Spesialising Studies in Economics 35–80 ECTS
Core Courses of Economics 25 ECTS
KATTAA12 Microeconomics, 10 ECTS (2.aut)
KATTAA13 Macroeconomics, 10 ECTS (2.spr)
KATTAA21 Econometrics, 5 ECTS (3.aut)
Field Courses in Economics, Bachelor Level 10–40 ECTS
2 elements from below
KATTAA31 Public Economics, 5 ECTS
KATTAA32 Labour Economics, 5 ECTS
KATTAA35 International Economics, 5 ECTS
KATTAA37 Monetary Economics, 5 ECTS
KATTAA40 Thematic courses in Economics, 5–40 ECTS
Specialising Studies in Management and Organization 30–70 ECTS
Specialising studies in management and organisation 30 ECTS
KATJOA12 Organizational Behavior, 5 ECTS (1.spr)
KATJOA13 Leadership skills, 5 ECTS (2.aut)
KATJOA14 Management and organizations I (literature), 5 ECTS (1.spr / 2.aut)
KATSTA11 Strategy and Entrepreneurship, 5 ECTS (1.spr)
KATVAA11 Business Ethics, 5 ECTS (1.aut / 2.aut)
Optional studies 0–40 ECTS
0–40 ECTS
KATSTA12 Business Models, 5 ECTS
KATSTA13 Analysing Business Cases, 5 ECTS
KATSTA14 Readings in Strategy, 5 ECTS
JKKYVP11 Well-being at Work, 5 ECTS
JKKYTVA12 Personal Well-being at Work, 5 ECTS
Specialising Studies in Accounting 40 ECTS
2–3 elements from below
Management Accounting 20 ECTS
KATLAA11 Introduction to Management Accounting, 5 ECTS (1.aut)
KATLAA12 Management Accounting, 10 ECTS (1.spr)
Financial Accounting 20 ECTS
KATLAA22 Financial Accounting and Financial Statements, 5 ECTS (1.aut / 1.spr)
KATLAA23 Financial Statements and Tax Planning, 10 ECTS (2.aut)
KATLAA24 Auditing I, 5 ECTS (2.aut)
Optional Studies in Accounting 0–15 ECTS
0–5 elements from below
Specialising Studies in Business Law and Tax Law 45–85 ECTS
2–3 elements from below
Legal Operational Environment of Business 25–35 ECTS
25–35 ECTS
KATYVA12 Introduction to Business Law, 5 ECTS (1.aut)
KATYVA13 Introduction to Tax Law, 5 ECTS (1.aut)
HALJUA14 Introduction to Public Law, 5 ECTS (1.spr)
KATYVA21 Contract Law, 5 ECTS (1.spr)
KATYVA22 Income Taxation of Individuals Income, 5 ECTS (1.aut)
KATYVA23 Company Law, 5 ECTS (2.aut)
KATYVA24 Business Taxation, 5 ECTS (1.spr)
Specialising Studies in Business Law 20–50 ECTS
20–50 ECTS
Contract and Employment Law 0–20 ECTS
KATYVA37 Law of Labour and Civil Servants, 5 ECTS (2.aut)
KATYVA52 Case Course in Business Law, 5 ECTS (3.aut)
Corporate Finance Law 0–20 ECTS
KATYVA34 Law of Banking, 5 ECTS (2.aut)
KATYVA35 Corporate Finance Law, 5 ECTS (2.spr)
KATYVA51 Auditing Law, 5 ECTS (2.spr)
KATYVA52 Case Course in Business Law, 5 ECTS (3.aut)
Marketing Law 0–20 ECTS
KATYVA33 Competition Law, 5 ECTS (2.spr)
KATYVA38 International Business Law, 5 ECTS (2.spr)
KATYVA52 Case Course in Business Law, 5 ECTS (3.aut)
Specialising Studies in Tax Law 20–25 ECTS
20–25 ECTS
KATYVA41 Value Added Taxation, 5 ECTS (2.aut)
KATYVA45 Practical Course of Tax Law, 5 ECTS (3.spr)
Bachelor's seminar and thesis in business studies 10 ECTS
One element from below
KATVRA30 Seminar in Insurance and Bachelor's Thesis, 10 ECTS (3.aut / 3.spr)
KATLAA99 Seminar and Bachelor Thesis, 10 ECTS (3.aut / 3.spr)
KATMAA99 Seminar and Bachelor's Thesis, 10 ECTS (3.aut / 3.spr)
KATTAA90 Seminar and Bachelor's Thesis, 10 ECTS (3.aut / 3.spr)
KATJOA99 Bachelor's Seminar and Thesis, 10 ECTS (3.aut / 3.spr)
KATYVA99 Bachelor's Thesis and Seminar, 10 ECTS (3.aut / 3.spr)
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