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Archived Curricula Guide 2015–2017
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School of Information Sciences, Internationalisation Module, 20 ECTS

Learning outcomes

Students have an opportunity to show their international expertise by including certain study units in their internationalisation module together with student mobility, training abroad and the tutoring of international students. At graduation students can make a request to have the internationalisation module show on the degree certificate.

No maximum amount will be defined for internationalisation studies. However, the minimum extent of studies to be included in the internationalisation module is 20 ECTS credits.

The following learning outcomes are defined by UTA for the internationalisation module.

A. Intercultural learning
The student
- is aware of and understands his or her own background and culture as the basis for meeting, understanding and appreciating other cultures
- is aware of and identifies differences between cultures and their effects on work in his or her field
- values the diversity of languages and cultures and can interact in a foreign language

B. Increasing knowledge and understanding
The student
- understands the most important local, national and global dimensions of his or her field
- understands the effects of multiculturalism on working life and society
- is aware of the effects of local decisions and measures on international communities and the effects of international decisions and measures on local communities

C. Application in working life
The student
- understands and is able to apply international standards and established practices in his or her own field
- is able to study phenomena at a global level and from different perspectives
- is able to cooperate as an expert in his or her own field using a foreign language


The credits awarded for study attainments that are included in the internationalisation module are registered under the actual course unit completed, not under the internationalisation module. The internationalisation module shall consist of the following study attainments and activities for which credits may be awarded as detailed below:

1. international student mobility (student exchange, training abroad or separate studies to be included in the degree that have been completed abroad as part of current or previous university studies, including intensive courses completed abroad)
2. foreign language studies (maximum 10 credits).
3. (if you take studies also in Finnish) studies offered in Finnish that adequately result in the aforementioned learning outcomes (maximum 10 credits)
4. courses completed in a foreign language and participation in courses given in a foreign language (including foreign language degree programmes; maximum 10 credits)
5. tutoring of international exchange or degree students, other activities that support learning outcomes in the university’s international sector, as well as positions of trust that promote the learning outcomes of the internationalisation module (maximum 5 credits)

For more information on the internationalisation module please see the UTA page at http://www.uta.fi/studies/study_abroad/internationalization_module.html.



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