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Archived Curricula Guide 2015–2017
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Studies in Information Sciences (Bachelor level), 15–40 ECTS

Learning outcomes

The student has an insight into information sciences through the selected topics. The student comprehends some phenomena of information sciences from the perspective of the specific course contexts.


This study module given in English is specifically designed for international students studying in other UTA schools who wish to get familiar with some basic concepts of information sciences. Also UTA exchange students may take the module.

The module includes course options in Information Sciences (joint courses SIS), Information Studies and Interactive Media (ITI), and Computer Science and Interactive Technology (TIE).

The degree and exchange students studying in other UTA schools may take the following course units as optional studies. Students can get an overall grade on Studies in Information Sciences by completing at least three (3) study units totalling a minimum of 15 ECTS. Study units can be chosen from the list below. Some other bachelor level courses may be offered in the SIS teaching programme.

In addition to this Studies in Information Sciences module, it is also possible to study master level course units if the course prerequisites are met. For these please see the curriculum guides of the SIS master programmes. However, master level courses cannot be included in this bachelor level module.

Organized by:
School of Information Sciences

Person responsible:
International coordinator Ms. Kirsi Tuominen (kirsi-marja.tuominen at uta.fi)


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Studies in Information Sciences (Bachelor level)

Book exams and essays
TIETA8 Software Engineering, 5 ECTS
ITIA10 Book Exams, 5–25 ECTS
School of Information Sciences